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“…Your staff is simply amazing, and they work together like a well-oiled machine. I can have a conversation with Fanny and the next day Maree says, ‘Yes, Fanny mentioned you said that…’. In addition, every substitute I have encountered also follows the same suit.” - Amanda Cronin – parent of a 3-year-old.


PLPCCC is filled with loving teachers who are both brilliant and compassionate. Both of my boys are excited to come each morning and I am always confident they are cared for well. Our family receives consistent communication and there are so many opportunities for us to by part of their journey in school. My husband and I say it frequently, our only regret is we didn’t start them here sooner. Thank you PLPCCC! - Morgan Wicks


"I loved having Ms. Julie and Ms. Annette. 20+ years later and I still feel thankful that I was able to attend Park Lake" -Rachel Edwards -former student, teacher and parent 


"My daughter had a wonderful experience at PLPCCC!"- Tonia Thompson

“Those lucky kiddos!!! Our boys thrived there and got such a wonderful foundation in learning and love of school!!" Shaler Black Cooper

“Michelle and I wanted to relay our compliments to you and your team for how you’ve been able to set things up and make things work. Not only has the drop off and pickup been excellent – Mason is having a great time.” – Michelle & Eelco – parents of a 4-year-old.

.“Thank you for the continued communication through this Covid-19 pandemic. We miss everyone at PLPCCC and pray this is over soon. Please take this donation to help with any teacher pay shortages,” - The Collins Family

“ Park Lake PCCC is really something special. I have had my children in numerous centers over the years and Park Lake is our absolute favorite! Thank you for the work you do, the staff and work culture you have cultivated and the community you have created. We are truly lucky.” - Foster and Amanda Cronin

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“Thank you for your time and patience with all three of us yesterday during our tour. Thank-you for taking the time to explain everything Park Lake has to offer our son. We appreciate your passion for supporting children and their families in this critical time in all our lives.” - prospective parent

“My daughter has been in the one year old’s room here for a few months now and we are very happy with the quality of the care she receives. The school is very clean and each room is equipped with lots of age appropriate toys that are all maintained and actually work. I am quite impressed with the staff... I pop in at various times of the day and see that the children are being read to, sung to, played with, assisted in pursuing their interests, and encouraged to try new things. The staff is very nurturing, and I can see that my daughter is comfortable and thriving here. The kids get plenty of outdoor time in a shaded play yard - which happens to sit right along a lovely little pond with ducks and trees.” A satisfied mom of a toddler


“In addition to their general curriculum, the school also seems to have weekly themes where the students have a series of activities that introduce them and all their senses to fun things like camping, the zoo, the beach, ice cream, etc. I've even been pleasantly surprised at how nice the kids in the room are - welcoming my daughter in the mornings with toys she tends to enjoy and with very few incidents for us thus far involving biting, pushing, throwing, etc. Oh, and as an added bonus, the school provides all daytime meals and snacks - which makes mornings a bit less hectic for us. There is usually a wait list to get in (it took us months to get a slot, even with friends in the school), so plan ahead if you can.” Satisfied mom

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