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Suggested Activities
4 Years - Kindergarten
Language and Literacy Development


Read your child’s favorite story/ book repeatedly. Ask what, why. when, where? Give them time to answer.



Create inviting and comfortable reading areas in your home. Add a few throw pillows in well-lit quiet area.






Provide opportunities for your child to write their name. Let them label their things or copy letters and or words.




Help your child write notes cards or even stories. 





Join in pretend play with your child, following their lead. Let them be the “mom” or “teacher.”




Put shaving cream or sand on or in a washable container and encourage your child to write their names in it.




Cook with your child. Show them how to follow a recipe and allow them to help with measuring, stirring, etc


Put a familiar object in a bag or box and ask your child to describe it by feel. Take turns and use descriptive language.

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