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Suggested Activities
4 Years - Kindergarten
Gross Motor Development


Provide your child with a hula hoop. Demonstrate different ways to use it. 



Try making an obstacle course at home. Create places to go over, under and through. Items such as a large box, pool noodles, a step stool and arrows cut from cardboard work well.



Play a variety of music and encourage them to dance. Hand them a scarf, a shaker (rice in a bottle) or a horn (empty paper towel roll) and dance with them.




Draw a hopscotch pattern using chalk or tape for your child to use to practice their hopping and jumping skills.




Go for a walk and practice other ways to move, such as skipping, galloping, sliding and leaping.



Do some outdoor chores as a family while reaching, pulling, pushing and bending.


Throw balls, bean bags or frisbees at or into a target. For inside version you can use rolled up socks and a laundry basket for practice.




Fine Motor Development

Have a scavenger hunt. Direct children to find objects that are under, next to, beneath, behind, in front of.


Draw a spiral on a paper plate and encourage children to cut along the continuous line.



Give your child age-appropriate puzzles and the time and space to complete it. 


Buy or make playdough and use a variety of tools to manipulate the dough.




Offer your child the opportunity to draw and/or write using crayons, markers and pencils.


Try sorting small objects. A variety of materials and containers can be used.  



Practice zipping, snapping and buttoning skills by encouraging your child to try it when dressing themselves. 



Let your child spread cream cheese on a graham cracker, or let your child make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwich.



Give your child opportunities to practice pouring. You can offer cups, bowls and pitchers and time at a sink or outside.

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