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Since 1969, Park Lake Presbyterian Child Care Center has been offering opportunities for children to

begin their educational experience in an

environment that nurtures their individuality,

provides appropriate social interactions, and

ensures successful learning experiences.


Park Lake Presbyterian Child Care Center

appreciates and supports the relationship between children and their families. We strive to preserve those relationships and provide a learning environment

that will enable children to achieve their full

potential in an atmosphere of trust and respect. 


We encourage parents to form a close relationship

with their child’s teachers. Open communication helps to insure the most appropriate care for your child.

You are, therefore, cordially invited to visit

anytime, or to share your thoughts or concerns

with our staff and administration.

Kids Drawing


Park Lake teachers use HighScope

Curriculum to plan daily lessons.

Our goal is to provide a child-oriented, developmentally appropriate program,

which enables children to experience success and achievement.

We provide centers of discovery designed to promote children's learning and their mastery of early childhood readiness skills within a play-based setting.

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