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Suggested Activities
3-4 Years
Gross Motor Development

Do activities that promote balance such as walking along a line on the floor or a low wall.



Provide toys that encourage movement like hula hoops, balls or tricycles. Get outside for a walk or to run.


Play games like "Simon Says" that encourage your child to control their movements. Ask them to move slow/fast, backwards/forwards or up and down.





Use positional words during songs or games such as under/over​, beside, between and left/right. "Going on a Bear Hunt" is one example.

Fine Motor Development

Buy or make playdough and let your child use a variety of child-safe kitchen tools to. manipulate the dough



 Spread cream cheese on crackers and put raisins on top or a make a fruit salad with your child by using a plastic knife to cut soft fruit such as bananas or peaches. 


Provide a variety of writing tools and surfaces for your child to practice drawing and/or writing.



Practice lacing using a string with a taped end or a shoelace and chunky beads or beads made from straws. You can also make holes in a piece of cardboard to use.

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