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Suggested Activities
2-3 Years
Gross Motor Development

Give your child a large, paintbrush and a bucket of water to paint outside.  Encourage bending and reaching.



Provide a riding or pedal toy. A wagon or appropriately sized scooter encourages your child to use their large muscles. 


Encourage movement on playground equipment such as climbing and, going down slides, while providing  support when needed.





Play games and sing songs that encourage movement such as marching, crawling, hopping and dancing.

Fine Motor Development

 Blocks, puzzles with knobs and manipulatives, that need to be taken apart and put back together, increase fine motor skills.


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Peeling and sticking stickers encourages the use of the pincer grasp. 


Playdough can be used with cookie cutters, toys or by itself to increase hand and finger strength.



Age-appropriate markers and chunky crayons help with beginning writing skills.

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