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Suggested Activities
8-18 months
Language and Literacy

Talk to your baby and ask questions too. Expand on their attempts to talk to you. "I see you ..." "Did you ...?"


Read to your child everyday use colorful books with a few words on each page name and describe the pictures. Ask your child to repeat simple words. "Can you say ball?"



Use child safe materials in your home for scribbling, such as paper, large crayons, washable paints.



Take your baby on walks outdoors and talk about what they see and hear: "Do you see the turtle?"



Take the time to name objects and describe what you and/or your child are doing. Use lots of descriptive words.


Ask your child to put away toys in a specific place such as "in" the cubby, or "on" the shelf. Give child time to respond to directions before helping them.

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