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Barbara Twachtman

Center Director

I am blessed to have been married to the most wonderful man for 42 years. 

We have 2 children and

2 adorable grandchildren.

I've been working here at Park Lake since July 2019, but served as director for 19 years at Aloma ECLC. And before that I was a Music and Movement teacher at Aloma for 5 years.

I have a BS in Sociology from Asbury University.  And my Child Development Associate's degree from South Seminole College.

I like to say that I'm the "Grandma" of the school because I get to go play with the children, rile them up

and then give them back and return to my "quiet" office (which sits right next to the infant room, so not quiet at all!).  Being in childcare has been such a wonderful experience for me

and I truly enjoy it!!

Stacy Trice

Curriculum Director

I have worked at Park Lake

for over 20 years and truly love my job!  Being able to work in such a loving, supportive environment is a blessing.  

I have a BS in Family, Child and Consumer Sciences from

Louisiana State University.  Currently, I serve on the Orange Technical College Child Care Operations/Apprenticeship Board.  

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for over 30 years.  We have 2 wonderful young adults we are so proud of!  They both attended Park Lake Childcare many years ago and have wonderful memories of their experience here!  


Monica  Cardenas Lugo

Infant's Teacher

 My name is Monica. I was born in Columbia. I used to work with premature babies in my home country and I really love it. I had just moved here to the United States when I found the school and felt that it was my calling to work with kids again. I am the mother of two kids and grandmother of two sweet children. I consider myself a patient, good listener, friendly and generous person.  My hobbies are going to the movies, learning new things, going to museums and on nature walks. My favorite holiday is Christmas and I love to watch birds and the sky.                                                                     

lisa edit.jpg

Lisa Austin

Infant's Teacher

I have been teaching in childcare for over twenty years. Before coming to Park Lake, I taught children of all ages and enjoyed all of that time working with children. Currently I am in the infant class and love cuddling and nurturing these little ones every day. I have two sons who are now grown and flew the coop. I am happy to be here at Park Lake. 

Jennie Jones

Infant's Teacher

I have had the privilege of working in the Early Childhood profession for

the past 40 years.

For the past 2 1/2 years, I have enjoyed working with infants - VPK at Park Lake.


My chosen profession is more than just a job to me.

It is my calling, my ministry, my way of contributing to

the well-being, growth

and development of young children and providing love and security to children in

my care and support

to parents.

Davi Eden

Toddler's Teacher

I have been working in childcare for about 13 years. I have a national CDA for  infants and toddlers.

I enjoy working with children and watching them grow

and change. I enjoy the toddler room the most because you get to watch them grow from needing

lots of help to becoming

little independent people.

I am married and have 3

boys of my own.

20221102_094418 (2).jpg

Ronesha Lowman

Toddler's Teacher

My Name is Ronesha. I am from Orlando. I am an auntie to thirteen, six nieces and seven nephews. I am the last child and my most current dream is to get my LPN license so I can work back in the healthcare field again, taking care of kids and occasionally elders. Working at Park Lake is helping me to reach my goal of becoming a pediatric nurse.


Sierra Grover

Toddler's Teacher

My name is Sierra. I worked with one-year-olds at my previous center before arriving at Park Lake. I’ve always loved being around kids because of their imagination and silliness. I have a creative imagination as well, which is why I believe I do well working with kids. Although I am working in daycare, I am not quite sure what I want to do but I do have an idea. I feel very passionate for the children who have suffered or are suffering in this world. I want to work with children who were or are victims of abuse, neglect, or trauma. I believe it is up to us to help them to be the best version of themselves that they can by being the best we can and giving them love.                                                       

Carmine Legrand

Toddler's Teacher

Everyone calls me Mimi and the most important thing for me is to transmit love and provide the feeling of security when mom and dad are not there. I have two years degree in social work and four years of experience working with children.


Maria Lennox

 I'm a retired Army wife widow. I have my C.D.A. as well as many hours of early childhood training classes that have spanned over

20 years.

My early childhood training

started with the U.S. Army.

I love to read, go to the movies, watch sports, enjoy

a latte now and then.

I like dark chocolate and

my favorite color is blue.

I'm blessed to be at Park Lake working with

young children.

They are my passion!!

Two's Teacher

Ranae Riley.JPG

Renea Riley

Two's Teacher

I have been working at Park Lake for years. I started right out of high school. I currently have my CDA and my director's credential.

During my years at Park Lake, I have gained experience working with children ages infant - VPK.

There have been many

challenges during these years, but I have learned personal development strategies that have helped me along the way.


Emanvelle Carvalho

Two's Teacher

I am dedicated to my work and put 100% into what I am doing and although I have just started my professional training in childcare, I do have personal experience with the children of friends and family. I enjoy dancing, flying drones, time at the beach and spending time with friends and family.

Khristian Burke

Two's Teacher

I am a Florida native raised in Orlando, I come from a two-parent household, and I have eight siblings. I am the oldest girl and the third born. I am also the only left-handed child born to my parents. I am Bajan-American on my father’s side. One fact about my family is that twins run in my DNA. I have two sets of twin brothers. My mother’s side is from Eatonville, the first historically black community in our area. My youngest sibling is even named after Zora Neale Hurston. My favorite colors are blue and pink, I hope someday to be a philanthropist, and to have a big family. Having six younger siblings has given me some experience with younger children. I enjoy working with the children here at Park Lake.

Hannah Mann

Two's Teacher

I graduated from Colonial High School, where   I made some great memories and friends. I am also a musician and play many kinds of instruments. Throughout my childhood I enjoyed caring for children and I love being a teacher at Park Lake.

Hannah - 2.jpg
Jo-Anne Perez.JPG

JoAnne Perez

Pre-K Three's Teacher

I have 2 children and have been a preschool teacher for 22 years and handled

Pre-Kinder and Kinder classes. I have dedicated

myself to teaching children.

In April 2017, my family and I migrated to the United States. I love sharing my talents and knowledge with the children in this country!


Quanesha White

Pre-K Three's Teacher

have been working with kids for more than a decade now. I love working with ages 3 - 5 years old. My favorite thing is to see all the individual personalities develop,

over the years.

 I am the mother of two beautiful children. In my spare time, I love to play with her. I also love to read, cook, paint, dance and do arts & crafts.



Four's Teacher

I have been teaching children for almost 25 years.

I started straight out of high school where I was a teacher's assistant at Magnolia School and worked with special needs students.

I took a short break and went to cosmetology school and began hairdressing.

After about 5 years of being a cosmetologist, I decided to go back to teaching.

I have been married for 25 years and have 3 children.

Ms. Shannon.JPG

Ana Ortez

Four's Teacher

I was born in Nicaragua

and left my country due

to civil war.

We moved to Costa Rica when I was 13, where I finished high school and got engaged to my childhood sweetheart. We were

married in Canada, where I went to Community College and graduated as a licensed Practical Nurse.

My husband and I have 5 children, 4 girls and 1 boy.

Ana Ortez (1).JPG

Annette Coley

VPK/ Pre-K Five's Teacher

I have worked at Park Lake for 32 years. I received my VPK credentials in 2011.


I am hoping to earn my Director's credentials in

the future.

I love working with the VPK age children.  They absorb so much that we are teaching and are such a delight to be able to help shape their lives.  I love being a part of this wonderful school.


Julie Roncallo

VPK/Pre-K Fives Teacher

I have been teaching at

Park Lake for almost 33 years.


I am passionate about animal

rights and participate in many events that support

animal rights.

I am a proud mom of a Park

Lake alum who is now a

college freshman.

Jasmina Terzic

Lydia Lopez

VPK/ Pre-K Five's Teacher

I have been teaching in childcare since 2012.

I started out teaching

a Spanish class once a week

during an extended care

program at Aloma ECLC.

Over the course of my career,

I have developed a passion for working with early

2's, 3's and 4's.

I am a proud single mother

of 4 awesome kids,

3 girls and 1 boy.

I'm also a grandmother of

2 terrific grandsons.


Errickana Dorsey


I am happy to say that I have found great opportunities to work with the children and staff here at Park Lake.  I'm so grateful to have a school family.  I look forward every morning to come to work with the children.   


One of my goals is to finish up my credential and to become the best teacher I can be.  I am also working towards my goal of getting my CDA and maybe a Director's credential some day.  Teaching is a never ending experience and I'm happy to be a part of Park Lake.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 113007.jpg

Jasmina Terzic

Office Assistant

I met and married my high school sweetheart in the 80's.  We have 2 sons who followed in their father's footsteps and graduated from Rollins College.  I have an AA degree in Legal Studies, an AA in Child Development and had worked in a number of fields before I found my current career in Child Care.  

I have my Director's Credential and have now been working in Child Care for about 10 years now.  I am very happy to be here at Park Lake.

Carla White.JPG

Carla White

Social Media

I am the oldest of 4 children and have spent most of my life caring for children.

First as a sibling, then as a nanny and now as a teacher.

I am in the process of renewing my National CDA and have worked at Park Lake since 1999.

I love what I do and where I

work and hope to continue

for many years to come.

Michel'le Owens

Food Service Coordinator

I was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.  I have been married to 2 years and I am a mother of 3 daughters and 1 son.  I have 3 step children that I love dearly.  I have been a Food Service Coordinator for 4 years.  For the past 2 years I have taught in the classroom and enjoyed working with the Infants and Toddlers.  Now I am back to working in the Kitchen and I get to see all of the children everyday.  

Early Childhood has always been a big passion of mine and I look forward to many more years here at Park Lake

Michel'le Snell.JPG


Substitute teacher

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